Frederick High School was established in 1908.  In 2003 Frederick Area School District was established.  Today, Frederick Area School District (FASD) provides a quality education to all students from Kindergarten to Graduation.

Frederick Area School has a one to one technology program.  Students in classrooms K-6th each receive a dedicated Apple iPad to use during their school day.  The iPads are equipped with several educational apps that work in conjunction with the daily classroom curriculum.

Students 7th - 12th grade each receive a dedicated laptop equipped with the latest version of Microsoft Windows 10.  Students are able to utilize products such as MS Office as well as MS OneDrive to assist with classroom organization and assignment completion.

Frederick Area School District operates on a four day school week, typically Monday through Thursday.  We also offer tutoring services for grades K-12 on select Fridays every month.  For the school community, the four day week has worked well.  It leaves Fridays available for families to make appointments and take care of other needs without having to miss precious learning time.

Our campus boast a modern elementary facility, a student-friendly technology center, and a great faculty of ambitious teachers ready to give Frederick Area Students the best school experience.

Frederick Area School District , where “A Quality Education for All Students” is the backbone of our school community!

Frederick Area School Dist.

202 East Main St.
Frederick, SD 57441

Main Office
Phone: 1-605-329-2145

Business Office
Phone: 1-605-329-2355
Fax: 1-605-329-2722

 january 2017


In the Know

Did you know?

2017-18 Season Basketball Tournaments

Tournament time has arrived.  Your Leola-Frederick Titans are continuing to put practice time in during the week as they look to represent our school district.  Check local schedules for game dates, times, and location.

Good luck Titans!